10 Cancer Causing Foods You HAVE to Stop Eating

We avoid junk food to minimize cancer risk. However, some healthy food can increase the risk. Once you will be aware of all these high-risk food, you can help your family to live a healthy life with the right food choices.

Here are 10 commonly used foods that can increase your cancer risk. Also, you will know about the best alternatives.


Soda contains sugar and caramel color. Caramel has carcinogenic chemical 4-MEI. According to the lab test reports, carcinogenic chemical 4-MEI is present in soda with caramel color. The best alternative is water. If you find it hard to manage without soda, get the natural brand that does not contain caramel color.

Grilled Red Meat

Many of us love grilled red meats. But we do not know that the high temperature used to prepare the red meat can generate cancer-causing hydrocarbons. Also, excess consumption of red meat can increase the chance of cancer risk. Alternatively, you can eat red meat occasionally. Avoid cooking on high-temperature and buy grass fed and organic beef.

Microwave Popcorn

Your butter-flavored microwave popcorn produces diacetyl, a known toxic. The butter flavor releases this harmful toxin. The perfluorooctanoic acid in the bags contains carcinogenic as well.

Also, the popcorn producers are not going to tell you their kennels are GMO or not. Alternatively, you can buy organic kernels and can pop them using your stove or air popper.

Canned Food

Canned foods are dangerous. Tomato canned food is more harmful as cans are lined with BPA chemical and tomato acidity causes the chemical to leak into canned food. This chemical works as a hormone disrupter. Alternatively, you can use fresh or frozen tomatoes.

Hydrogenated Oils

Hydrogenated oils go through a chemical process to extract oil from their sources. In fact, they add more chemicals to get the desired consistency and look.

The chemical process and added chemical make your hydrogenated oil extremely rich in unhealthy omega-6 fats. Alternatively, you can consider choosing naturally extracted soy, olive, and canola oils.

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are normally created with a chemical process. In addition, some study reports reveal that these sweeteners cause toxin DKP to build up in the human body and that can lead to brain tumors.

Therefore, you should always avoid artificial sweeteners. If there is no other alternative, you can consider taking plant-based Stevia. Some recipes are also able to replace applesauce for sweetener.

Refined White Flour

During the refining process, the nutritional value of the original wheat strips away. Also, they bleach the flour with chlorine gas to get the perfect white color. Refined white flour is known as carbohydrate and will ultimately break into the simple sugar increasing cancer risk.

If you prefer white flour, then you can choose unbleached white flour or whole wheat white flour. It is important to read the labels to know what kinds of stuff are packed.

Non-organic Vegetable and Fruits

We all believe that fruits and vegetable are healthy and we need to consume these foods regularly to maintain our health and weight. However, the pesticides sprayed on them are harmful. You can take the example of Altrazine. This weed killer is banned in Europe as it can cause severe problems to the human body. But this is still used in some parts of the world including the USA.

Alternatively, you should try to buy organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible. More importantly, carefully wash fruits and vegetables before eating.

Processed Meat

You should minimize the consumption of all the processed food including deli meats, hot dogs, bacon, and sausage. Processed food contains a high amount of salt and dangerous chemicals such a nitrite and nitrate.

These additives will make food last longer and look nicer. But they cause a lot of health complications. Alternatively, you can eat organic meats, fresh meats, and any other meat that does not contain preservatives.


You do not need to do much effort to minimize the risk of cancer. A healthy diet and right food habits can serve your purpose. You can simply focus on the whole and organic food and avoid sodas and canned food to notice a significant difference. Spend quality time and make smart choices in your kitchen to ensure the health of your family.