10 Symptoms Of Diabetes You Are Probably Ignoring

We prefer discussing some conditions at the water cooler and there are likewise those which we do not like anyone to know about such as impotence problems as well as the indications of diabetes which can be subtle yet severe.

Although it is possible to manage diabetes, the ailment can reduce your lifespan significantly.

You might even suffer from conditions like loss of sight, cardiac arrest, and even amputation of a foot. Take a look at our complete list of symptoms which add up to diabetic conditions and if required consider visiting your medical practitioner for his or her assistance.

1. Fatigue

It is a fact that fatigue can be caused by lots of things which includes lack of adequate sleep. However, fatigue will usually accompany diabetes simply because the system is attempting and is not able to get the necessary fuel for functioning.

If you are feeling fatigued after eating (when you ought to have more vitality), it strongly indicates that diabetes might be the reason behind that.

2. Excessive food cravings and thirst

In this case, our body is weighed down by the task of producing glucose in the bloodstream. While water is drawn out from the cells in order to flush away the surplus stuff, all the essential nutrients along with the glucose that our system needs get lost.

This leads to a cycle of hunger as well as dehydration and we start eating and drinking more.

3. Frequent urination

In case of a diabetic patient, the water is drawn from all the available tissues so as to get rid of excess glucose, and this makes the kidneys overpowered in an effort to filter and also reabsorb it. This implies that you’ll be going to the toilet frequently to get rid of the build-up.

Our body can become extremely dehydrated due to all that peeing that takes place, and we likewise feel worn out. In fact, this happens to be 24 hours a day problem which will affect our ability to slumber during the night.

4. Yeast infections

In most cases, yeast infections occur within the vaginal tissues; however, men are also not spared from this condition! Yeast feeds on surplus sugar, which we might secrete in perspiration, mucus, and urine.

Consequently, yeast infections are identified virtually at any place on the epidermis, but particularly in locations which tend to capture dampness. Moreover, if the immune system is affected, it will be very difficult to control yeast in case of diabetic patients.

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5. Impotence problems

Erectile dysfunction in males struggling with uncontrolled diabetes probably comes from damage to blood vessels and nerves. Erectile disorder, though awkward to mention, affects both the patient as well as his lover.

Perhaps the ultimate thing you will need when already getting overwhelmed from out of control diabetes is an unsatisfied connection with your spouse; therefore, make it a point to talk to your physician without making any delay while putting aside the humiliation.

6. Fuzzy vision

Blurry vision is caused by diabetes due to the fact that your eyes rely on the fluid substance within and around them for proper functioning. A dried out lens is going to wrap and will have difficulty to focus. However, it is possible to fix this condition with appropriate diabetes management.

Nevertheless, if left uncontrolled, diabetes likewise leads to nerve damage. One can also become permanently blind in case new vessels at the rear of the eyes try to form over those impaired vessels.

7. Slow recovery from sores

Have you observed any sores or cuts which are not going away easily? Unless of course these have been picked by you, slow recovery might indicate diabetes.

Not merely is your body’s technique for recovery jeopardized by its attempt to discharge surplus glucose, but a lot of infections simply enjoy feeding on carbohydrates and will make the most of its availability.

8. Inexplicable weight reduction


It almost sounds like a dream in case you are able to ingest to your heart’s content and still manage to slim down. In fact, it’s actually quite frustrating as your system is unable to obtain energy from the food consumed by you and instead of losing fat for survival.

It is not possible to sustain it over the long term and is an indication that diabetes is making you go without food regardless of how much you ingest.

9. Vomiting and nausea

When you are losing a considerable amount of weight because of uncontrolled diabetes, your system is losing fat at an unsustainable pace. That course of action produces ketones, which might develop in your blood at threatening levels and result in diabetic ketoacidosis, a potentially lethal condition.

Nausea can be caused by these ketones and people might even start vomiting along with sensitive tummies.

10. Agonizing or numb legs and feet

Diabetic condition results in hardening of the arterial blood vessels and it can also cause significant nerve damage, and it is possible to observe these symptoms particularly in the feet as well as legs.

The combination of nerve damage and poor blood circulation can result in skin ulcers or even infections that require a considerable amount of time to heal, and since there might also be numbness, you might not be able to realize that your feet are suffering really badly.


It is feasible to improve your mental health by managing your physical health. Please do not wait anymore to get examined for diabetes. You will be able to control the disease and can even heal it in case it is caught early. Also, if your tests show that you do not suffer from the condition, it will provide you with complete peace of mind. Call right now. In fact, you will be appreciated by your body, mind, not to mention your sex life as well.