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Top 5 Foods To Never Eat For a Flat Stomach

5 Foods To Never Eat For a Flat Stomach

Top 5 Foods To Never Eat For a Flat Stomach

If your belly is lowering your self-confidence, it’s time to devise a way to streamline it. In a majority of cases, belly fat accumulates as a result of consuming more calories than your body needs. In other cases, the reason behind having a puffy midsection is bloat. An important thing you need to understand, however, is that foods that lead to a pile up of fats in your belly area also add fats to the rest of the body. This, therefore, means that controlling your intake of these foods will assist you to not only get a flatter stomach but also cut on your overall weight.

While most of the information you get online tends to delve more on foods that help you burn your belly fats, it’s also important that you also learn about those that you will need to avoid when looking to flatten your stomach. For this reason, this post will look at the top 5 foods to never eat for a flat stomach.

   1. Soda and Sweets

soda sweets

As a general rule of weight loss and belly fats reduction, the key foods you should strive to eliminate from your diet are all those that offer little or no nutritional value yet are high in calories. Good examples of such foods are soda and sweets. These two offer you nothing but high amounts of calories yet have no proven nutritional benefits for your body. The fact that a large section of the population today includes a soda or candy as part of their lunch or dinner makes it worrying.

On the other hand, you might end up swallowing air especially if you sip sodas quickly through a straw or when sucking on hard candy. This might result in getting a bloat or distended belly.

So, whenever you pop that soda, remember that getting that coveted flat stomach might slowly be turning into an unachievable dream for you. To correct the trend, it’s important for you to consider replacing the sodas and candies with healthier drinks such as iced tea or pure water.

   2. Alcoholic Substances


According to numerous studies, alcoholic drinks can be detrimental to human health in a variety of ways. One such way is causing fat accumulation in the body with the most affected areas including your belly. Alcoholic drinks, just like candies, contain high amounts of calories while offering very low value to your overall health and nutrition. And the bad thing about it is that alcoholism tends to be an addictive habit which means you could pile up the fats in very short time. In a majority of cases, you will end up consuming thousands of calories in a single drinking spree which will certainly be detrimental to your pursuit for a flat belly.

On the other hand, avoid any foods that contain sugar alcohols such as lacitol, sorbitol, and xylitol. This is because such foods tend to ferment while in your digestive system thereby causing you to bloat. In the end, you develop a disfigured tummy which is obviously something you will want to avoid at this point.

   3. Fruit Juices


A majority of nutritionists will disagree with this point for the obvious reasons- fruits juices supply you with numerous useful nutrients required by your body. However, when it comes to developing a flat tummy or general weight loss, you might want to make fruit juices your big enemy. Often, the juices contain high levels of sugars which might lead to a pile up of fats if their intake is not controlled. The high amounts of sugars in these juices end up getting converted into fats that are subsequently deposited in various parts of your body including the belly area. While most dieticians tend to only concentrate on the sugar bit of these juices, it is important that you take into account the liquid you consume while taking these juices. As such, you could end up consuming excess fluids that also play a huge role in the formation of a puffy belly. It might be okay to consume a glass or two of fresh juice per day, but of course avoid making such juices your default beverages.



   4. Frozen Meals


In most cases, frozen foods contain huge amounts of fats, salts, and preservatives which is possibly why they taste better than other foods. However, it might be important to mention that these foods do not include frozen vegetables and fruits but rather others such as Asian foods, French fries, and lasagna among others.

As a matter of fact, frozen foods tend to have lots of sodium content which is blamed for causing bloated stomach. The bloat can end up covering your flat stomach. Besides, these foods also help you retain your excessive weight and fats around the stomach area. To avoid eating frozen foods, ensure that you freeze your own meals well in advance and have them ready for your consumption.

   5. White Bread

White Bread

In most cases, we tend to go for white bread perhaps since they are sweeter and cheaper than their brown counterparts and other more nutritious wheat meals. However, it is important to mention that white breads tend to get converted into sugar fast which is then absorbed into your system. In the end, the excess sugars are converted into fats which is bad for your belly. As is the case with other sugar-filled foods, white bread offer lots of quick energy but minimal nutritional value. In a nutshell, it can only be described as empty calories.

To get and maintain a flat stomach, you will need to ditch that white bread and instead go for more nutritious alternatives such as a lettuce wrap or breads made using whole grains or sprouted grains. Steer clear of bread products that contain preservatives as they can also contribute to fat deposition in your belly.


Food selection is a crucial part of your lifestyle for anyone looking to cut body fats and develop a flat stomach. As such, try to limit your calorie intake and avoid the five foods discussed in this post. Well, it might sound absurd to limit some of the foods or drinks such as the case of fruit juices but by understanding the concept behind such exceptions, then it becomes easier to do it.